Exposure Science Film Hackathon is a project that explores how we can bring the worlds of science and storytelling together through the medium of film. We create 3-day hackathons in which scientists team up with artists to learn, explore and innovate science communication. By the end of the 3 days we have created beautiful films that accurately communicate science to the public. These films are presented to the local public in science cinema evenings. During these events, the public can vote for their favourite film and engage with the scientists and participants. 



> find a scientific concept

> decide how they want to communicate this concept

> produce a short film aimed at a non-scientist audience

The short films are created with the aim of communicating fascinating scientific concepts and engaging members of the public with science. On the last evening of the event the films will be presented to a panel of judges who will award a prize to the film that best fulfils the aims of the hackathon. There is also an evening of science cinema that is free for all to attend.


Scientists, Filmmakers, Artists and anyone with a passion for communicating science

Contact: exposure[at]thecatalyst.ch


About 13.5 billion years ago the Big Bang brought us physics, about 3.8 billion years ago molecules came together to make life and about seventy thousand years ago the humans we see every day came into being. We have discovered and divided atoms and multiplied DNA and cured countless diseases. In terms of our ability to manipulate our environment, we have advanced far beyond any other organism.

However, we now find ourselves in a period in which humanity’s future depends on the decisions we make and in many countries around the world, science is being disregarded in favour of profits. We, as scientists, must change the way we work. We cannot simply do science and expect it to be used in the right way. The responsibility falls to scientists and science communicators to do more to connect with the public in meaningful ways.