Exposure 2017 talks

We are excited to have six talks from award winning filmmakers, science communicators and scientists.


Dr. Mark Melnykowycz

- Empa / idezo GmbH Artist, scientist, specialist in wearable computing and virtual reality.

Mark will talk about science communication when making short films. He has worked in the academic and industrial research areas in the US, Switzerland, and Japan, with focus on biomedical engineering, sensor design, smart materials, automotive, and materials science. He founded idezo GmbH to focus on storytelling, virtual/augmented reality projects and hardware development. Currently he is developing wearable sensor technologies alongside 360 filming and VR applications.


prof. Marcel salathé

Marcel is a scientist, educator and author. His current main interests are digital epidemiology, online education, and networked data in the biological and medical / social sciences. Marcel is thrilled about the potential of online education. He’s create two Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), "Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases” and "Nature, in Code”. The latter is based on a new type of textbook that teaches key concepts in biology by implementing them in JavaScript so that they can be run in any modern browser. He’s the academic director of the EPFL Extension School.


Prof. Matthew cobb

Matthew Cobb is Professor of Zoology at the University of Manchester where his research focuses on the sense of smell, insect behaviour and the history of science. His books include The Egg & Sperm Race and acclaimed accounts of the French Resistance during the Second World War and the liberation of Paris in 1944.


Dr. Adria Le Boeuf

Adria is a multi-disciplinary scientist and a specialist in creating new media about scientific research. In her scientific life as a researcher at the University of Lausanne, she is managing and executing a project on chemical crowdsourcing of long-term decisions in ant colonies through trophallaxis. Adria is the founder of The Catalyst (www.thecatalyst.ch), a cross-disciplinary theater group for scientists working to improve communication skills and to create new science-driven media (most recently, bluebutterflyplay.ch).


Tay Blyth-Kubota

Tay will talk about what makes a successful 3-minute film and how to make it.

Tay is a filmmaker with experience in both documentaries and fiction. As a filmmaker, his specialism is in cinematography. His film work has been coupled with experience working in human rights and the humanitarian sector. He currently works freelance and as an associate filmmaker at True Heroes Films (www.trueheroesfilms.org). Clients he has filmed for include UN Agencies and international NGOs, the European Commission, the NHS, Barclays and the BBC. His education includes degrees from the University of Cambridge and an MA in filmmaking, specialising in cinematography, from the London Film School.


Antonia Forster

Antonia is an entomologist, science comedian, and occasional rapper. She will talk about types of narrative / story arcs, identifying your audience and mission and what makes people engage with science.

She works at the intersection of science, theatre, comedy and music; on a mission to make insects sexy to everyone. She has performed at science centres, zoos, museums, schools, conferences and festivals: including Elderflower Fields, Camp Wildfire, and Wilderness Festival. She has also been featured on BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Radio H&W.