Who can participate?                   

Anyone. If participants are PhD students associated with a higher education institution it may be possible to get credits for taking part.

Do I have to attend the whole event?

Yes, all participants must be available for the 3 days.

Can teams enter?

No, participants should apply individually.

How will teams be formed?

Teams will be formed before the event by organisers.

How much does the course cost?

The 3 day course is free.

How good should my English be?

We expect you to have a good command of English so as to ensure good communication in the group. Perfect English is not required.

How long is each day?

Each day will start around 9AM and finish around 9PM. The last day will involve the judging and prize giving and therefore will finish a little later, around 10PM.

 Do you have any advice on finding somewhere to stay nearby?

Yes! On a budget: Auberge de Jeunesse de Lausanne

On less of a budget: SwissTech hotel Lausanne

If you are struggling to find somewhere, drop us an email and we can advise.