Robbie I’Anson Price

somewhere on Planet Earth

somewhere on Planet Earth


2018 - onwards

Exposure Science Film Hackathon - project manager

University of Geneva


PhD, Honeybee communication

University of Lausanne


Master, Ecology and Evolution

Imperial College London

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Grants and awards

2018, SNF Agora grant - 178,000 CHF

2018, Grand Prize Winner - Eco Comedy Film Competition - $2,000

2017, Société Academique Vaudoise - 6,000 CHF

2017, Heinrich Kütter Prize, IUSSI, German section

2016, Best talk in Ecology and Evolution, Biology16


In my work I aim to be honest, accurate and good. With each project I do, I have, at the very least, the ambition to create something that has value to the world, whether it is educational, inspirational or brings joy


I believe that communication is the key to pretty much everything. Better communication leads to better decisions from those in preschool to those at the highest levels of government. Combined with honest and good intentions, better communication can create a more peaceful world


If you are interested in collaborating:



precious bees

precious bees